Abate Fetel Pear

Taste: These delicious pears have an almost amaretto-like taste and a fruity sweetness. Don't wait too long to eat them, as they are best eaten when crisp.

Nutritional Info:

  • An amazing source of vitamin E and dietary fiber
  • Labelled as an easily digestible food
  • Known as a hypoallergenic food, as those who eat them tend to experience a decrease in allergy symptoms

When To Look for Abate Fetel: A late season pear, look for Abate Fetel toward the end of October.

Best Use for Abate Fetel: These pears are almost exclusively consumed fresh and raw out of hand. Due to their sweetness, they are also good for baking.

How to Store Abate Fetel: Pears ripen very quickly at room temperature, so store them in the fridge to make them last a bit longer.