Braeburn Apples

Taste: Braeburns have a classic apple taste that balances perfectly between sweet and tart. They have subtle notes of cinnamon and has a crunchy texture.

Nutritional Info:

  • Often cited as one of the healthiest apples you can eat
  • Has a high vitamin C content, more than twice that of the average apple
  • High in inflammation-reducing anthocyanins and quercetins

When To Look For Braeburn: Braeburns are harvested beginning in early October in British Colombia, but due to their storability and international popularity, can be sourced fresh any time of year.

Best Uses for Braeburn: These apples are delicious eaten fresh, but are uniquely suited for apple pies. The combination of their tartness, unique pie-spice aroma, and firm texture means they don’t collapse or turn mushy when baked.

How to Store Braeburn: Because they are so good for baking, Braeburns are great for preserving and canning with a bit of cinnamon.