Bunched Kale

Taste: Kale has an extremely green, earthy taste. It's more flavorful than lettuce, with an almost tangy taste.

Nutritional Info:

  • High in iron, fiber, potassium, vitamins C and K, and folate
  • Low in calories with no fat content

When to Look for Kale: Kale is a hearty plant, and grows across BC throughout the summer. It can be found summer-round at farmers' markets, but we carry it later in the summer.

Best Uses for Kale: Tender leaves are delicious as a base for salads. When kale is baked, it becomes crispy like a potato chip, making it a great alternative to snack food. Kale is also popular when juiced into a healthy green juice alongside other fruits and veggies!

How to Store Kale: Kale can keep in the refrigerator, as it gets bitter when left at room temperature. Only wash your kale right before you use it, as it can become watery and slimy if left wet in the fridge. Tightly wrap it in a paper towel, place it in an airtight bag, and store it in the coolest part of the fridge (not the freezer).