Taste: These crunchy root vegetables have a slightly sweet, nutty taste. Carrots harvested too early can have a "soapy" taste, but perfectly ripe carrots will have a nice sweetness.

Nutritional Info:

  • Carrots were named for their high beta-carotene content
  • Have a high antioxidant count

When to Find Carrots: We begin to sell carrots at the beginning of the summer and continue selling them into the fall.

Best Uses for Carrots: Carrots are a satisfying snack when eaten raw, but are also tasty when baked with olive oil and spices. Try grating them into a salad or dipped into hummus.

How to Store Carrots: Carrots can dry out if your fridge. To maintain their crispness, store them in a container with a bit of water at the bottom. The water will soak into the carrots and keep them stiff and crunchy.