Taste: Depending on the variety, cherries can either have a dark, sweet taste or a refreshing, light taste. All varieties of cherries are sweet and satisfying!

Nutritional Info:

  • Rich in antioxidants, especially deep-hued varieties like Bing cherries.
  • Great for inflammation and joint pain
  • One cup of cherries has only 100 calories and as much potassium as a banana
  • A tablespoon of cherry juice before bed has been known to aid with sleep

When to Look For Cherries: Our cherries usually ripen starting in June, however due to great weather, you could expect them earlier. Cherry season usually wraps up towards the beginning of September.

Best Uses for Cherries: Cherries are great frozen in smoothies (be sure to remove the pits) or in baking.

Check out these awesome cherry recipes:

How to Store Cherries: Avoid washing prior to storage, as moisture absorbed where the stem meets the fruit can lead to splitting or worse, spoilage. The key to avoiding spoilage is keeping your cherries cool. If you like, you can pit and freeze them, extending your personal cherry season to all year. 

Cherry Varieties

Toggle your mouse over the varieties of cherries below to learn its name, and click on the picture of each cherry to learn more information specific to that variety!