Steve and Dan’s Juice

Steve and Dan - Melissa and Chris’s older brothers are pressing juice! They have listened to all of your requests! We carry these products for them all year long.

They squeeze all of their fresh juices in Spruce Grove, Alberta. 

When To Find: Their apple juice is made year-round. We offer juices online, at the Farmers Markets and now at retail grocery stores. 

How to Store: This boxed apple juice has a 1 year unopened shelf-life. A 90 day opened shelf-life when place in the fridge or on the counter. The bottled apple juice has a shelf-life of 6 months unopened, and 3 days in the fridge opened. 

Apple Juice Ingredients: 100% Apple Juice. No added water, preservatives, sugars or artificial flavours. They heat pasteurize their juice and follow all AHS regulations.