Taste: Mushrooms have a satisfying earthy taste and a meaty texture. They have a nutty flavor to them that really comes out when cooked.

Nutritional Info:

  • Rich in vitamin D, which is important in the maintenance of healthy teeth and bones
  • Mushrooms are a good source of iron, and over 90% of the nutritive iron value can be absorbed by the body, which promotes the formation of red blood cells and keeps people healthy and functioning at their full potential
  • Contain Beta-Glucans and conjugated Linoleic Acid, both of which have anti-carcinogenic effects

When to Look for Mushrooms: You can find mushrooms on our stands at the beginning of June. 

Best Uses for Mushrooms: Mushrooms are a welcome addition to a variety of meals. They are amazing sauteed with garlic and olive oil, cooked in soups, or on top of pizza. Try adding raw mushrooms into salads and sandwiches. 

How to Store Mushrooms: Don't store your mushrooms in a plastic bag! This will cause them to spoil quickly. Keep them in a paper bag or cloth towel in your fridge until they're ready to use. This will keep them firm for longer.