Taste: Radishes have a dry, spicy, satisfying taste. They're crunchy and fresh-tasting. To mild out the spiciness, cook them! They'll taste a bit sweeter then.

Nutritional Info:

  • Contains good amounts of folate, fiber, riboflavin, and potassium
  • Radishes are very good for the liver and stomach, and it acts as a powerful detoxifier too
  • Promotes a healthy urinary tract by acting as a diurectic
  • Radishes are a great source of anthocyanins, which are a type of flavonoids, which not only give color to radishes, but also provide numerous health benefits

When to Look for Radishes: We carry radishes at the beginning of the summer. 

Best Uses for Radishes: Raw radishes are delicious accompaniments to tacos, salads, and sandwiches. Cooked radishes are amazing when roasted or sauteed in butter or olive oil.  

How to Store Radishes: The root of the radish (the red part) can be kept in the fridge for up to two weeks. Don't wash them before you use them! The leaves of the radish should be cut off, as they wilt quicker. The leaves themselves taste a bit like spinach and are good in salads.