Sunrise Apples

Taste: Sunrise is a yellow apple streaked with a rosy blush that almost seems to glow, like the golden sunrise of its name. It most closely resembles Gala, but the colors are brighter. The Sunrise has a pleasingly sweet crispness, floral quality and very low acid content, making it an excellent dessert apple. 

Nutritional Info:

  • Rich in vitamin C and dietary fiber
  • One medium apple contains 80 calories

When To Look For Sunrise: Sunrise is one of earliest ripening apples, and usually appears by the second week of August more than two weeks before Gala.

Best Uses of Sunrise: The flavor of Sunrise apples make them great for snacking, but their crispness makes them great in baking.

How to Store Sunrise: Sunrise is an excellent tasting apple best consumed fresh during the month of August. It has a very short shelf life, and according to a 1998 study of Sunrise’s storability the apple shouldn’t be kept at room temperature more than 3-4 days. Even refrigerated, Sunrise should be eaten within a month for best flavor and texture.