Mother Nature

From time to time, Mother Nature gets the better of us and our farm gets hit with poor weather conditions, like frost. This can result in us losing a portion of our crop and not having the amount of fruit we need. To remedy this, our aunt and uncle, who own their own fruit farm, sometimes will sell us fruit if they have a surplus. We, of course, do the same for them when we can. 

Or we might source from a quality farmer in the area that has a surplus. Sometimes they come stickered, due to different packing methods from the farmer.

We personally visit the other farms that we source from to make sure that their qualities reflect ours. We do this because we want to give you the best possible quality, because it helps promote sustainability, and because it helps to take care of the people we care about. We make sure that they are providing food that stands up to the same standards we hold our own too and make sure that their employees are being treated with dignity and respect as well. This is truly important to us.