Souto Farms is an AFMA Verified Vendor!

The Alberta Farmers' Market Association (AFMA) is the government regulatory body for all private farmers' markets in Alberta. AFMA has implemented and oversees the vendor verification certification, which recognizes and certifies local growers, producers, and artisians as verified vendors.

So what does this mean? At Souto Farms, we grow the fruit and veggies that we sell - it comes from our farms! However, there are certain products that we source from other local farmers in BC and Alberta. When we do partner with other farms, we take the time to learn about their farm and values, and ensure that we are 100% transparent about where the product comes from. Want to know exactly where your product is coming from? Just ask us! Or, learn more about our farms here.

Know where your food comes from, know your vendor. When you see the "Vendor Verification" logo, you can be assured that you are buying directly from a local producer.