Having the opportunity to share our product with our customers and anyone that attends farmers markets is a fantastic feeling!

We take just as much pride in our staff as we do in our product. We know that our fantastic team is what truly drives people to come visit us at farmers markets all across Alberta. People come for a friendly and welcoming environment just as much as they do for our amazing products. We owe so much of our success to our amazing staff! We have an incredible team, and appreciate each and every one of them. This is just a glimpse of a few managers in our company, and doesn't even begin to fully encompass the extent of our fantastic team!

Grounds and operations


Ron Pitt, also known as Ronny, has been in the produce business for over 30 years, and with Souto Farms for over a decade! He's a fast learner, outgoing and very caring towards others. Ron will give it his all when it comes to Souto farms - even if that means fitting 37 cases of zucchini in his 2 door Hyundai just because we have run short at a market. Ron's favourite saying is "Im here for you" and he loves every kind of fruit that sits in front of him.  

The relationships that he has built with customers is truly something that should be noticed. You don't ever see him without a smile on his face, or a coffee in his hand. He's made a big impact on our company and we wouldn't have it any other way. Ron is also responsible for acquiring and caring for our many animals at the acreage!

Senior Manager


Sophia was still in high school when she first joined Souto Farms in 2019, and has been with us ever since. She has worked in several different aspects of the company whether it be managing markets, helping out in the chip factory, managing the store, working on our social media, planning our store events, working on the administrative tasks, and all the odd jobs in between. Her favourite place to be is either at a market or touring the garden with Chris! Sophia is incredibly passionate about the company, and loves learning more about the business and our farms. A dedicated crew member & a friend to the Souto’s, you’ll find her here all season long!

Sophia is in the last semester of her finance degree at the University of Calgary, and spends her weekdays working as an analyst in corporate banking. When she's not working, you can find her training for her next race or out in the mountains!

Market Manager


Gary has been Alvin’s right hand man in the Red Deer area for the last 10 years. A fisherman by trade, Gary’s passion towards Souto Farms is at the top of our list.

You’ll always find Gary cracking a joke at markets and keeping customers laughing.

We are so happy to have him apart of our team.

Market Manager


Ashlie was a loyal customer before she first joined our team in 2019, and and is now returning for her fifth season with us and her third year as a market manager! Ashlie doesn't have a favourite fruit - she loves all of it! She's a mother, a nurse, and an incredible friend to the Souto's. 

Ashlie is kind, caring, and ever so passionate! She is always eager to learn about our products, and trying them out in yummy new recipes. Ashlie truly loves her customers, and overflows with joy and compassion. We're so happy to have Ashlie working for us again this summer! 

Market Manager


Melissa Waldron has always been a passionate employee for Souto Farms. She's worked with us for over a decade, and we couldn't be happier! Melissa's favorite fruits consist of pink lady apples, peaches and all of our sold berries.

Melissa completed a 2 year Architectural Technology program through Nait and has been working in her field through a firm in Red Deer. Aside from this, Melissa is now a wonderful mother to twins!

Melissa continues to show dedication and hard work with Souto Farms as she runs two busy markets on Saturday in Rimbey and Bentley. Her entire family assists with her route as they pick up in Airdrie and run both markets on Saturday.

We are extremely happy to have Melissa back with us for another anticipated season.

Market Manager


Lester is Melissa's brother, and has known the Souto's for a long-time now! Him and his sister take turns running our Rimbey and Bentley markets on Saturday's in the summer!

Outside of markets, you can find Lester spending time outdoors on his land, and with his family and his fiance.

Manager at Souto Farms Local Market


Julianne has been with us since the first summer we opened our store location, back in 2021! She's kind, considerate, and a joy to be around.

Julianne is a full-time architecture student at Laval University in Quebec! Outside of work and school, you can find Julianne spending time with her family and friends.

Manager at Souto Farms Local Market


Kaitlin joined Souto Farms in 2022, and is the newest manager at our farm store! She's caring, friendly, and always has a story to tell. Together, her and Sophia turn every moment into an opportunity for laughter and chatter!

Outside of Souto Farms, Kaitlin spends her time with friends & family, and is pursuing post-secondary education in the healthcare field.