Sustainable companies are those that meet the needs of today without compromise for future generations. Many of our products come from our own family orchard. If not, they are sourced from other trusted family farms. We support not only BC farmers in our sustainability project, but also local Alberta farmers. To us, sustainability also means having our staff see a future with our company. We incorporate sustainability into our own personal values as well. This means sleeping right, eating healthy, and maintaining happiness as a team.


Not only do we have a community within Souto Farm's but we also have an important relationship with the communities we exist in. We donate where we can and we try to support the cities and communities that support us. We value the farmer's markets as communities as well, as are the vendors that make them possible. We value the conscious movement of locally sourced foods that make our lives better.

To learn more about our recent community involvement, please see our media for recent publications!



To us, integrity means transparency and honesty. Integrity is choosing courage over comfort, choosing what is right over what is fast, fun, or easy and choosing to practice our values rather than just professing them. It means standing up for our ideals and maintaining our commitments to our community. People can trust us to be open and honest; it's what keeps our customers and staff coming back year after year. Integrity is why we are always honest about where and how our food is grown and why we offer 100% satisfaction with our products, which we firmly stand behind.