Seasonal Products

Please note that this page provides a general overview of the seasonal produce that we currently carry at our outdoor markets and store location. Availability and variety is subject to seasonal conditions and the independent supply at each location. For any questions about what products are currently available at a specific location, please contact us.

For a general overview of our products and expected availability, please see our "Product Availability Printout". This lists the majority of products we carry through the season and when they are expected to be available. This information is based on historical averages, and is likely to vary based on external factors out of our control.

  • Apples

    We carry a variety of (last season's) apples from our BC farm! Our chilled atmosphere cooler helps to preserve the flavour and crunch, making these apples taste as fresh as they were when they were first picked! Variety's include: Ambrosia, Gala, Granny Smith, and Pink Lady

  • Field Strawberries

    What's better than fresh strawberries, handpicked from the fields in BC? Sweet, juicy, and tastes like summer!

  • Pears

    Similar to our apples, we still have (last season's) pears available! Thanks to our chilled atmosphere cooler, these pears still taste fresh and delicious! We currently have Danjou available from our farm in BC. These sweet pears have an aromatically juicy, creamy white texture, with a tantalizing hint of grittiness that makes them unique. Paired with their thin skins, D’Anjou is one of the most reliably good eating pears.

  • Asparagus

    Enjoy fresh Asparagus coming out of Creston, BC! This is the perfect accompaniment for summer dinners, or just as good to snack on!

  • Beets

    Our beets are coming out of Surrey, BC and taste incredible! These are perfect for juicing, roasting, in salads, and so much more!

  • Carrots

    Our famous mini carrots! Grown in our Alberta garden, these carrots are perfect for lunches, meal prep, or just a snack on-the-go. Similar to our apples, these are last season's carrots - but are still sweet & crunchy!

  • Cucumbers

    Our cucumbers are currently coming out of an Alberta greenhouse, from a trusted grower local to our area. We carry both Long English and Mini cucumbers at our locations!

  • Lettuce

    We carry living butter lettuce from an Alberta greenhouse! This is perfect for salads, lunches, sandwiches, and more! And field lettuce will be ready soon!

  • Mushrooms

    We have white mushrooms from Abbotsford, BC available at our locations! Mushrooms are a welcome addition to a variety of meals. They are amazing sauteed with garlic and olive oil, cooked in soups, or on top of pizza. Try adding raw mushrooms into salads and sandwiches. 

  • Peppers

    We carry a variety of peppers, coming out of an Alberta greenhouse. Keep checking back, because our BC field peppers will be ready soon! Currently we have bell peppers, long peppers, and mini peppers. Later in the season we'll also carry multiple types of hot peppers and salsa kits!

  • Potatoes

    Depending on the variety, potatoes can taste anywhere from starchy to sweet. The types of potatoes (nugget potatoes) we carry are on the savory side, with a hint of earthiness. These potatoes are coming out of Delta, BC, and we have white nugget, red nugget, and russet nugget potaotes available!

  • Radishes

    Radishes are coming from one of our trusted growers in Surrey, BC! Radishes have a dry, spicy, satisfying taste. They're crunchy and fresh-tasting. To mild out the spiciness, cook them! They'll taste a bit sweeter then.

  • Rhubarb

    Our rhubarb is coming out of Surrey, BC and is in season! Because of its tartness, rhubarb is most often paired with sugar. Whether it's boiled down into a jam or put in a pie with strawberry, this tart root becomes a sweet treat.

  • Russian Purple Garlic

    Our Russian Purple garlic is intensely aromatic, with a strong flavor that mellows out when cooked. When added into dishes, garlic adds a nutty, sometimes spicy flavor. This is still last seasons, grown on our property outside of Airdrie! Garlic will keep for several months when stored in a dry, room-temperature cupboard.

  • Tomatoes

    Our tomatoes are currently coming out of an Alberta greenhouse - but keep checking back, because our field tomatoes will be ready soon! We carry Tomatoes on the Vine, and Cherry tomatoes!

  • Zucchini

    Zucchini is ready from Abbotsford, BC! Zucchini has a soft, squash-like flavor. It's amazing when roasted with oil and pepper, and is also delicious on veggie kebabs! 

Want to Know More?

We value transparency in our business, and know how important it is for you to know where your food is coming from and what you're putting into your body. Although we grow the majority of our products ourselves, we do source selected items from other trusted, small farmers in Alberta and British Columbia. Have any questions about a product or where it comes from? Just ask - we're happy to share!