You can find fruit and vegetables anywhere, but no other provider can offer what we do: quality produce that have been grown, picked, and sold to you with care.

Family is a huge aspect of our business. Steve, Dan, Chris, and Melissa Souto grew up on their family orchard in Oliver, British Columbia. Our parents, Helena and Alvin, continue to grow and pick cherries, peaches, nectarines, and more on that same farm.

Chris and Melissa work out of our Airdrie location of Souto Farms. They sell fresh produce at many Calgary and surrounding area Farmers Markets and have a new veggie farm.

We also have our sister company Steve & Dans fresh BC fruit that branched off over 10 years ago. Everything our family company sells is either from our own farm, or from another trusted farmer who shares our same values.

We want you to feel good about the food you and your family eat. We want to provide transparency with our products and growing methods. We aim to grow food for today in a way that won't negatively impact tomorrow. Most importantly, we want to provide our community with knowledge about their food, a sense of community, and delicious products.

Meet Our Family

Helena and Alvin, and their children Steve, Dan, Chris, and Melissa, make up the Souto family. Over time, we've been lucky enough to welcome more into our Souto Farms family.

We know you'll love each and every one of these individual's just as much as we do!

The Big Boss


Alvin, the big boss man, loves to be the one watching over everyone. He's strong, confident and always knows what to tell anyone in any situation. He's been in the farming business for over 40 years and wouldn't change it for the world. He has built so many amazing relationships with customers that it has become impossible for him to retire. 

In the summer, he spends half the week on the orchard and the other half in Alberta, selling at farmers markets. He truly gets best of both worlds. Alvin is an electrician by trade but can also fix or build anything you put in front of him. Tractors, cars, forklifts, you name it - he is definitely a jack of all trades. Everyone looks up to him even for the simplest things.

Mama Souto


Helena is the one we call for any questions about fruit on the farm. She spends everyday of the summer picking, sorting, packing, loading all in plus 40 weather. Helena is one of the hardest workers we know - you will never see her stop for a second. Helena started working in the orchard as soon as she moved from Portugal over 40 years ago. 

She gets the luxury of picking the juiciest, ripest fruit off the tree and eating it right there - don't we wish we all had that opportunity?! What we admire most about Helena and her hard work is she does it with so much love, passion and happiness. Although you don't see her at markets, she is home on the farm providing all the fresh fruit you guys enjoy all summer long. She's the very best mother, grandmother, and friend we ever could ask for.

Owner at Souto FARMS


Melissa is the youngest in the Souto family, and is one of the owners of Souto Farms. You can find her at our store location or visiting the local farmers' markets where she loves interacting with all her great customers, wonderful staff, and having fun with the other vendors! When she's not at the market, Melissa loves going back home to spend time with her parents on the family farm in British Columbia - planting trees, pruning, packing the fruit, and a ton more.

She's kind, caring, always smiling, and the most fun to be around! You can always find Melissa accompanied by her "mini-me", her daughter Ella.

Owner at Souto Farms


Chris is the youngest brother in the Souto family, and one of the owners of Souto Farms. He has a crazy amount of passion for what he does, with so much good emotion towards the company and always looking for the positive in every situation. He is the ultimate jokester, and uses that as a way to build special relationships with staff and customers.

Apple pears are Chris's favourite fruit. You can ask him anything about our fruit and veggies -  how its grown, why its good for you - listening to his knowledge is astonishing!  He absolutely loves the produce and everyone around it. When he's not at a market, you can often find Chris in the garden - one of his favourite places to be! Mechanic by trade, Chris can fix anything!

Owner at Steve & Dan's


We guarantee you that if you aren’t smiling before you come visit Steve, you sure will be afterwards. Steve’s passion is building trust and community between his staff, his customers, and the markets. He is incredibly dedicated and passionate about running a transparent, honest business.

Steve’s favourite part about working at markets is the customers. His favourite fruit is the nectarine. He’s so passionate about this business that he actually passed up a sports scholarship to grow Steve & Dan’s Fresh BC Fruit. It’s all worth it though, because Steve believes that this business is a lot deeper than selling fruit: we’re building relationships between ourselves and what we eat.

Steve, in partnership with Daniel, run Steve and Dan's Fresh BC Fruit, which is a sister company to Souto Farms Fresh BC Fruit and operates out of Edmonton, Alberta. 

Owner at Steve & Dan's


Running a business at its fullest potential requires a need for consistent and exceptional customer service, and a hard work ethic. Daniel’s dedication and love for what he does makes this all come completely natural! He’s proud to sell something that he knows is bettering people’s lives and is happy to be able to make a successful business out of it.

During the summer, both Dan and Steve regularly head back to the family farm in Oliver to help pick fruit and pack. Dan has his mechanic’s ticket and pilot’s license. He also has oddly double-jointed “hitchhiker’s thumbs” and can whistle louder than anyone we know! Dan loves our pears and loves selling a product he can be proud of.

Daniel, in partnership with Steve, run Steve and Dan's Fresh BC Fruit, which is a sister company to Souto Farms Fresh BC Fruit and operates out of Edmonton, Alberta. 

Operations Manager & Director of Wholesale

Mark Cranford

Introduced to the Souto's in the summer of 2017, Mark immediately fit in with the crew and caught onto daily tasks to help the company. 

A Petroleum Engineer by trade, Mark initially worked with us on his days off, doing anything and everything to help out Chris and Melissa in Airdrie. Mark eventually transitioned out of Oil & Gas, to join us full-time at Souto Farms - and we are so glad he did! You can find Mark at several farmers' markets throughout the week, as well as managing our wholesale operations.

Mark's favourite fruits are nectarines, concord grapes, and white cherries.

In November 2019, Mark asked Melissa to be a Cranford forever! In 2022, Mark and Melissa became a family of 3, welcoming their daughter, Ella, into the world!

Melissa & Mark's Daughter

Ella Cranford

Born in March 2022, Ella is the daughter of Mark and Melissa. You can find her running around the farm-store, alongside her hard-working parents.

Ella is the #1 model for Souto Farms, always smiling, fiercely independent, and one of the happiest kids you'll ever meet! She loves life on the farm, and you can always find her in the field in Alberta, or picking fruit with Grandma in BC!

Steve's Wife

Sabrina Souto

Sabrina is an essential part of Steve & Dan’s. While you might not see her at a market stand, much of what we do is influenced by Sabrina. She has provided endless emotional and business support for the team. Her focus has been helping us communicate better, care for ourselves and one another, and truly understand and work towards our goals.

She has been a Holistic Health practitioner for over 15 years, specializing in acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, and holistic fertility treatment. She’s the wife of Steve and mother to little Matthew, and has been a mentor for their management team. It’s safe to say that Sabrina is one hardworking, badass woman. Also, she can play the accordion. How cool is that?

Steve & Sabrina's Children

Matthew & Lily Souto

Matthew is the first Souto cousin! He might still be little, but he’s learning from the best! Right now, Matthew loves to play with his toy swords, run around outside, play with the family dog Bailey, and watch Paw Patrol. He definitely enjoys all the fruit he can eat!

Lily is full of energy and spunk! Although young, she's a natural born leader and always fun!

The Dogs


Of course, we can’t forget to mention our fur-legged friends! Chris & Melissa share the girls in the winter, bringing them back to Alberta. Quinn & Mika spend their summers back on the farm in BC, running around the orchard and hanging out with Mama Souto!

Quinn will eat anything you drop in front of her, and she loves having her belly scratched!

The Dogs


Of course, we can’t forget to mention our fur-legged friends! Chris & Melissa share the girls in the winter, bringing them back to Alberta. Quinn & Mika spend their summers back on the farm in BC, running around the orchard and hanging out with Mama Souto!

Mika is one of the fastest runners, and she loves to cuddle!