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You can find fruit and vegetables anywhere, but no other provider can offer what we do: quality produce that have been grown, picked, and sold to you with care.

Family is a huge aspect of our business. Steve, Dan, Chris, and Melissa Souto grew up on the family orchard in Oliver. Souto Farms now has Chris and Melissa working out of our Airdrie location where we have our new veggie farm. We also have our sister company Steve & Dans fresh BC fruit that have branched off over 10 years ago . Our parents, Helena and Alvin, continue to grow and pick cherries, peaches, nectarines, and more on that same farm. Everything we sell is either from our own farm, or from another trusted farmer who shares our values.

We want you to feel good about the food you and your family eat. We want to provide transparency about our products and growing methods. We aim to grow food for today in a way that won't negatively impact tomorrow. Most importantly, we want to provide our community with knowledge about their food, a sense of community, and delicious products.