We are proud to share the inner workings of our family business and explain what sustainable, local farming means to us. As many of you know, we are third generation fruit farmers from Oliver, BC. Over the years, we have grown from hard working farmers into a trusted source of delicious goods sold at Alberta farmer's markets.

Having a fruit farm in BC, we always wanted our own vegetable farm in Alberta. In 2018, we planted our own ground crop on our property in Airdrie. We are very proud to have two farms and the ability to provide fresh BC fruit and AB veggies to you and your families - the best of both worlds :)

Since then, we have only continued to expand. In 2021 we opened Souto Farms Local Market, our brick-and-mortar store location. Here we sell all of our product, as well as support over 40 local vendors!

We understand that people want to know what they are eating. We also know that you are making a choice in trusting that we are giving you quality products, and are supporting a local, family-run business. Most importantly, we want you to know how much love and respect goes into creating our product and business and that you are a large part of that too.

Souto Farms was built on three key values: community, integrity, and sustainability. Read more about our values here.